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The Problem With Buying Used Hearing Aids

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When many people learn they need hearing aids, they balk at the high price of traditional prescription hearing aids. This may even lead you to wonder, can I purchase used hearing aids or old hearing aids? However, there are several problems associated with buying used hearing aids. There are affordable and convenient alternatives to purchasing used hearing aids, old hearing aids, or refurbished hearing aids. If you come across a pair of used hearing aids or you are done with a pair of hearing aids, and you are unsure what to do with them, we will tell you some ways you can donate them to worthy causes. 

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What Is the Problem With Buying Used Hearing Aids?

Millions of adults in America who could benefit from hearing aids to hear the world around them are living without these medical devices due to the high price and other barriers that prohibit them from obtaining hearing aids. It does not help matters that most health insurance providers and  Medicare do not typically cover the cost of hearing aids, either. In this instance, some begin investigating buying used hearing aids to spend less money. However, you shouldn’t purchase used hearing aids. There are several problems associated with buying used hearing aids: 

Used Hearing Aids Don’t Come With a Warranty

Most hearing aid manufacturers do not allow the transfer of their warranty from the original owner to someone else. Even if you get used hearing aids at a good price, since the warranty is likely not transferable, you will be left with limited options if your hearing aids break or stop working.  

Used Hearing Aids Likely Will Not Fit

Many hearing aids have been customized to fit the wearer’s ear. If a hearing aid does not fit your ear correctly, it will fall out, stick out, or just be uncomfortable to wear in your ear. 

Not Customizable to Your Hearing Loss 

If you purchase used hearing aids, you are buying hearing aids that are set up for someone who most likely has a different level of hearing loss than you do. If your hearing aids are not optimized for your specific hearing loss, it is far from ideal. Using hearing aids that aren’t appropriate for your hearing loss can even negatively impact your hearing health. 

The Price of Refitting and Reprogramming Old Hearing Aids Is High

You might have trouble finding an audiologist willing to work on used hearing aids. Though you may be able to pay a hearing professional to refit or reprogram a used or old set of hearing aids, it can get costly. At that point, it makes more sense financially to purchase a new set of hearing aids that fit your ears and your level of hearing loss. 

Old Hearing Aids are Unhygienic

It is unhygienic to reuse in-the-ear hearing aids from one person to the next without a proper refurbishment procedure.

Old Hearing Aids are Out-of-Date 

If you buy used hearing aids that are a few years old (or more), the technology is likely outdated. Hearing aid technology is updated frequently. 

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Can I Buy Refurbished Hearing Aids?

Though  refurbished hearing aids are technically legal to buy and sell, it is essential to follow the rules set out by federal and state laws. However, before you purchase a pair of refurbished hearing aids, you might want to investigate whether you can afford a pair of over-the-counter hearing aids. The  FDA recently approved the sale of OTC hearing aids, and they are much more affordable and convenient to purchase than traditional hearing aids.  

Can I Donate Hearing Aids?

Yes, you can donate hearing aids. Whether you have a pair of hearing aids you are no longer using and would like to put to good use, or a loved one has passed away, and you are wondering what to do with their hearing aids, you have many options. Several charities accept used hearing aids to be repurposed, recycled, or reprogrammed to assist others needing hearing loss assistance in the United States and around the globe. Here are a few excellent places to donate used or old hearing aids to a good cause:

Hearing Aid Project 

You can  donate your old hearing aids to the Hearing Aid Project by the Hearing Charities of America. 

Lions Club International Foundation

The  Lions Club International Foundation also collects hearing aids at its recycling centers. 

Texas Hearing Institute 

The  Texas Hearing Institute accepts used hearing aids and cochlear implants, which are used as temporary loaners or teaching tools.

What to Do Instead of Buying Used Hearing Aids

You are probably familiar with expensive prescription hearing aids that can set you back as much as $7,000. But there are  many different types of hearing aids. There is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing used hearing aids. Instead, choose some affordable hearing aids. Now, you can  buy OTC hearing aids online for a reasonable price. Our  Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids are artificially intelligent, entirely customizable for your hearing, and, best of all, completely affordable. Our otoTune® app allows you to customize your hearing aids in just three minutes on your mobile phone. 

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