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Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your OTC Hearing Aid

By: Anthony Florek, President and Founder, Soundwave Hearing

Anthony brings 15 years of experience from the traditional hearing aid industry and leads the development of the business model and value proposition at Soundwave Hearing.

Sontro® Hearing Aids can help you hear better and get you back to life! It is important to keep the ear domes clean to help you hear your best.

Earwax is a funny thing; everyone’s ears produce a different amount of earwax. A buildup of earwax on your hearing aid ear domes can cause you not to hear your best. As you wear your hearing aids for a more extended amount of time during the day, you will begin to notice the rhythm of wax production and how often you will need to clean your hearing aid ear domes.

Why Should I Clean My Hearing Aid Ear Domes?

The inside of your ears is a sweaty place. When you wear your hearing aids, ear domes collect earwax and hold onto the moisture in your ear. This moisture and earwax buildup can affect your hearing aid’s performance. Thus, cleaning hearing aid ear domes regularly is essential.

How to Clean Hearing Aid Ear Domes

Hearing aid ear domes are best cleaned by using a cleaning brush with a wax loop on the opposite end and audio wipes. Ensure you always brush your hearing aid ear domes facing down with the brush facing up under the ear dome so the wax falls out of the ear dome when brushing. Use the wax loop to loosen the wax in the center of the ear dome.

The audio wipes are moist and can remove excess earwax from the ear dome, receiver, and hearing aid itself. In addition, Soundwave offers a video on  Ear Dome Cleaning and Wax Guard Removal so you can practice and learn the best way to clean hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Ear Dome Cleaning Best Practices

Here are a few best practices for safely cleaning and caring for your hearing aid ear domes:

  • Develop a routine to clean and inspect your hearing aid ear domes. Avoid storing the ear domes in extreme heat or cold temperatures.
  • Use a clean counter with clean hands when cleaning or changing the hearing aid ear domes. If you notice that the hearing aid ear dome is torn or damaged, dispose of it and replace it with a new one.
  • New hearing aid ear domes may be purchased in packages of 10 on Soundwave’s accessory page.

Open Hearing Aid Ear Domes

Tulip Hearing Aid Ear Domes

Power Hearing Aid Ear Domes

Cleaning your hearing aid ear domes is just as important as bathing and washing your clothes, dishes, and sheets. It’s crucial to develop a routine based on your ears and the amount of wax deposited in the hearing aid ear domes to maintain the quality of your Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids.