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Dr. Mark Syms Talks with Anthony Florek

 2 min read

Remote hearing testing, selling DTC, and navigating OTC regulations.

Their conversation touches on Anthony’s career and stories from his early days in medical tech. They then move into a deeper conversation on remote hearing testing, selling DTC, and navigating OTC regulations.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Anthony Florek entered the hearing technology space
  • The idea behind remote hearing testing
  • What to know about OTC regulations
  • Selling hearing technology direct to consumers
  • Some of the lessons Anthony learned in startups
Read on to hear it all for yourself on this episode of the ListenUp! Podcast

Anthony Florek is a proficient executive in marketing and medical technology. As the President of Soundwave Hearing he oversaw the launch of Sontro Hearing Aids and the otoTune app. He held various leadership positions for 11 years at Beltone and 15 years at Allergan. His expertise encompasses sales marketing,  business development, data analytics, and accelerating company growth.

In this Listen Up episode

While hearing technology is primarily a medical issue, much of the innovation is driven by businesses.

For Soundwave Hearing, their goal is to provide better hearing to everyone by partnering with the Audiology community and Hearing Car Providers.

They have expanded into mobile apps, advanced hearing aids, and even artificial intelligence. Guiding the company during this period of innovation is Anthony Florek.

Anthony has worked in medical technology for over 30 years and 15 in the hearing aid industry. 

His experience in both the audiological industry and startups has given him a keen sense for business along with the technology itself. Anthony has developed a unique approach to leading companies and now offers his knowledge to you.

This episode is brought to you by the Arizona Hearing Center.

The Arizona Hearing Center is a cutting-edge hearing care facility providing comprehensive, family-focused care.

Approximately 36 million Americans suffer from some sort of hearing loss, more than half of whom are younger than the age of 65. That’s why the team at the Arizona Hearing Center is focused on providing the highest-quality care using innovative technologies and inclusive treatment plans. 

As the Founder of the Arizona Hearing Center, Dr. Mark Syms is passionate about helping patients effectively treat their hearing loss so that they can stay connected with their family and friends and remain independent. He knows first-hand how hearing loss can impact social connection and effective communication. By relying on three core values—empathy, education, and excellence—Dr. Syms and his team of hearing loss experts are transforming the lives of patients. 

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