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Selecting the Best Hearing Aid Ear Dome

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A  hearing aid ear dome is a small detachable piece on the end of your hearing aid that funnels sound directly into your ear canal. Selecting the best hearing aid ear dome is important in helping you hear your best. There are many sizes, styles, and features on ear domes, which can cause some confusion when selecting which to use. This article will provide insights as you navigate which ear dome is best for you.

Hearing Aid Dome Sizes & Fit

When it comes to selecting ear domes, there is no universal size. Some individuals have larger ear canals, resulting in the need for a larger ear dome size. Other individuals might have large ear canals, which narrow quickly, resulting in the need for a smaller ear dome size. Because of this, you may have to go through a process of trial and error to determine the best ear dome size for you. First, begin with the ear dome size you think will fit best in your ear canal. If the ear dome is comfortable and doesn’t move much in your ear canal, you might have a good fit on your first try.

How Do I Know If My Hearing Aid Dome Is Too Big?

If you feel pressure and discomfort while wearing your hearing aids over time, the ear dome size might be too large, and you should try a smaller one. The ear dome should be snug but not uncomfortable.

How Do I Know If My Hearing Aid Dome Is Too Small?

If your dome feels loose in your ear or you feel like it’s falling out, your hearing aid dome may be too small. This causes a problem because it won’t properly seal the ear canal and keep the sound inside. Consider sizing up in order to get the right fit.

Dome Styles

Next, you’ll want to determine what style of ear dome you need. The configuration of your hearing loss will greatly influence which style is best for you. Soundwave Hearing offers several styles of ear domes: open, tulip, and power domes.

Open Dome vs Power Dome  - Which One is Better?

If you have mild/moderate hearing loss, an open-ear dome might work best for you. The dome’s holes allow natural and amplified sound to enter your ear canal. If your hearing loss requires more amplification, a power dome might be better to help hold amplified sound in your ear canal.

When Should You Purchase a Tulip Dome?

For individuals with larger ear canals, a tulip dome (or closed dome) may be the best choice to help keep the receiver in the ear.

Feedback From Your Hearing Aid

Avoiding feedback from your hearing aid is crucial for a better listening experience. Feedback happens when sound escapes your ear canal and loops back into your hearing aid’s microphone, resulting in an annoying whistling noise. The more severe your hearing loss, the higher the chances of experiencing feedback.

To check for feedback, wear your hearing aid and ensure it's turned on. Once properly inserted, cup your hand around your ear canal. If you or someone with normal hearing detects a whistling sound, it indicates sound leakage. This may be due to an ear dome that is too small or loose, permitting too much sound to exit the ear canal.

How to Minimize Hearing Aid Feedback

To reduce feedback, it's essential to seal off your ear canal better. This could involve using a larger power ear dome or a tulip dome (this also applies to close dome). The increased size and seal of the ear dome can prevent sound from exiting and re-entering via the microphone. While not all feedback can be eliminated, changing the ear dome can help decrease it by sealing the entrance to the ear canal.

Also, remember that your ear canals, like your hands and feet, aren't perfectly symmetrical. Therefore, you may need different sizes and styles of ear domes for each ear canal.

In Summary

Experimenting with different ear dome styles may alter how you perceive sound. Through trial and error, you can identify your personal listening preference. Understanding that individuals process sound differently is crucial, so those with similar hearing losses may prefer different ear dome styles. Regardless of your preference, prioritize comfort and confidence in your hearing by ensuring you have the best-fitting ear dome for your ears.

Written by Dr. Cynthia Chow, Audiologist, CAA The Hearing Place

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