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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Does Medicare cover hearing aids? One in three adults over the age of 65 has some degree of hearing loss. This demographic overlaps with those eligible for Medicare. So, does Medicare cover hearing aids? Considering the number of people on Medicare who struggle with hearing loss, one would think that Medicare would cover it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Medicare, for the most part, does not cover hearing aids.


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Does Medicare Pay for Hearing Aids?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program designed for people over the age of 65. Younger people with disabilities and people with end-stage renal failure are also eligible for Medicare. Generally, these are not people with a lot of income. As such, prescription hearing aids are not in most Medicare recipients’ budgets. 

Does Medicare pay for hearing aids? How does Medicare work regarding hearing aids? There are three types of Medicare, parts A, B, and C. Parts A and B are traditional Medicare. Part A is hospital insurance and part B is medical insurance. Neither of these parts will cover hearing aid or hearing tests. Part C, or Medicare Advantage, might. Medicare Advantage is Medicare through private companies. Medicare approves them and the companies must follow the guidelines set by Medicare. The private company chooses to cover hearing aids and hearing tests. 93% of Medicare Advantage plans provide some coverage for hearing aids.

Medicare Hearing Aids

Why is the answer to the question, “Does Medicare cover hearing aids?” no? Simply, it seems like Medicare has not kept up with the times. When Medicare was originally passed Medicare hearing aids did not need to be a thing. Hearing aids, although less advanced, were relatively inexpensive. In the 57 years since Medicare was passed, hearing aid costs have shot into the mid-thousands, far exceeding affordability.

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Are Hearing Aids Covered by Insurance?

Are hearing aids covered by insurance? The answer will depend on your insurance. Most insurance providers will not consider mild to moderate hearing loss a disability.

Although most insurances do not cover hearing aids, you should check with your provider. They should give you a definitive answer. It is important to note that even if your insurance offers coverage for hearing aids, they may not cover the whole cost. Whatever your insurance chooses not to cover will need to come out of pocket.

Whether or not your insurance will cover hearing aids also may depend on your age. In 27 states insurance providers are mandated to cover hearing aids for children. In contrast, only five states, Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, have mandates for adults.

Alternative Funding Methods

Just because insurance does not cover hearing aids does not mean they are unnecessary. As people grow older it is very common for hearing to fade. As it fades, far too often so too does their confidence. Hearing is crucial for communication. When you lose your hearing it can feel like being cut off from everyone you know. Connecting and socializing with others becomes difficult leaving people struggling with hearing loss susceptible to depression and other mental health issues. As such, even though the answer to the question, “Does Medicare cover hearing aids?” is no, people who want hearing aids deserve affordable access.  Below are some ways to get hearing aids for cheaper.

Worker’s Compensation

If you lost your hearing due to your job, you are entitled to workers' compensation. This will help cover hearing aids and other treatments.


Through the U.S. department of veteran affairs, military veterans could qualify for help in affording hearing aids.


Reach out to your local charities and service organizations. For example, your local Lion’s Club specializes in hearing care. They should be able to either donate or connect you with affordable hearing aids. Many places are willing to help others in need.

Payment Plans or Financing

If you cannot pay all at once, many companies can give you financing options. You will likely pay a portion of your hearing aid purchase each month until you pay off the entire purchase.

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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Although the answer to the question, “Does Medicare cover hearing aids?” is no, you are not without affordable options. Over-the-counter hearing aids are cheaper than prescription hearing aids. You do not need to worry about scheduling appointments or getting them professionally fit. Over-the-counter hearing aids are meant to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss hear better at a fraction of the cost.

Over-the-counter hearing aids come in just about as many styles and with about as many features as prescription hearing aids. Just as with prescription hearing aids, over-the-counter hearing aids will cost more as they become more complex. The great thing about over-the-counter hearing aids is that you can get great quality, effective hearing without the high price tag.

Soundwave Hearing offers an affordable, quality hearing aid for only $999. Compared to prescription healing aids, which run upwards of $2,000, Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids are accessible to those who cannot afford more expensive hearing aids. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sontro OTC Hearing Aids can find your hearing weak spots and track them. With directional microphones and advanced signal processing, the Sontro OTC Hearing Aids allow you to easily follow conversations even when there is sound bombarding you from all directions. The Sontro OTC Hearing aids make listening a more pleasurable experience by softening loud noises and making soft sounds louder. 

If you are in the market for an affordable and reliable hearing aid, Soundwave Hearing's award-winning Sontro Self-Fitting OTC hearing aids could work for you. Here at Soundwave Hearing, we are passionate about hearing health and improving people’s lives through hearing health. Just because Medicare cannot help you afford hearing aids, does not mean you have to go without them. There are plenty of affordable options and help available to get you the hearing aids you need. If you are interested in the Sontro OTC Hearing Aids or its accessories and you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out.