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Chicago Innovation Top 100, Awarded to Soundwave Hearing

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Chicago Innovation Awards

Soundwave Hearing was awarded the Top 100 Award for 2022 by Chicago Innovation.

"We look forward to helping improve hearing health in the city of Chicago with our innovative Sontro® Hearing Aids", said Anthony Florek

Chicago Innovation is a 36,000-person community supporting Chicago, we are proud to be involved with this innovative community in Chicago.

The Mission of Chicago Innovation: To empower the Chicago innovation ecosystem by educating, connecting, and celebrating innovators.

Soundwave Hearing has been innovating hearing aids for several years and owns three patents on our otoTune® technology that powers the customization of our hearing aids. This technology was initially developed in Chicago at Northwestern University at the Innovation and New Ventures Office INVO. Our headquarters are now based in Oak Brook, IL. Two of our founders were born and raised in Chicagoland, and all three make it their home.

Helping celebrate and grow the innovation community in Chicago is essential to Soundwave Hearing. There are a handful of hearing aids that will meet the regulatory requirements of the FDA for the launch of OTC hearing aids on October 17, 2022. Soundwave Hearing is one company that meets those regulations.

OTC hearing aids are designed for individuals 18 years or older with mild to moderate hearing loss. Through innovation, we have been able to reduce the stigma of choosing a hearing aid by allowing the consumer to order, test, and customize their hearing, all from the comfort of home. During the customization process, the otoTune app will warn the consumer if they have a hearing profile that cannot be supported by the Sontro Hearing Aids and direct the customer to visit a hearing health provider to be evaluated for their hearing loss.

Soundwave is partnering with the audiology and hearing care community to make sure  every customer receives access to comprehensive, best-practice care and  support. Our goal is to provide the consumer with simple, affordable, and convenient hearing aids to begin their hearing health journey and help them transition to hearing care providers when necessary.

We hope to increase customer engagement and overall health with the use of our Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid.